Finding tranquility

Australian coastline

Australian coastline

As a record producer, I work with some amazing artists around the country. It is a hugely rewarding profession and I love it! You need only listen to your favourite music to understand the feeling I get when I am at work.

Creating ReWake was an interest outside of my usual musical endeavours. It meant leaving all my technology behind, my computers, my sound systems, leaving the hustle and bustle of the city and discovering some truly peaceful locations in the Australian countryside.

Last year a couple of my favourite coastal soundscapes were recorded at Marino Beach in South Australia and Jervis Bay in NSW.  I captured the enchanting evening birdsong in Basket Range in the Adelaide hills and chased the sound of rain all the way through Waterfall Gully.

My equipment of  choice is a set of binaural microphones which produce a realistic immersive experience for the listener. It sounds like you are sitting right there in the environment. These microphones are highly sensitive and will pick up all kinds of sound pollution — from planes overhead and boats at sea, to cars and trucks even at huge distances — which makes my goal of capturing only pristine nature soundscapes a real labour of love!

Possibly the most difficult aspect of recording these soundtracks is finding tranquil locations with no humans or machinery around to disturb the peace. But we humans are in perpetual growth. Our landscape is filled with houses, roads and industry and the sky is also a noisy thoroughfare. In addition, the development of many of our natural resources makes finding undisturbed, peaceful nature spots with no people a pretty challenging task.

Being up at three in the morning and trekking out in the wilderness with a torch and my recording equipment is usually the only way to set up before the chance of any interruption. But even in the early hours I would still occasionally encounter an early morning bush walker, particularly on my trips out to Waterfall Gully in South Australia.

Waterfall Gully

Tranquil stream at Waterfall Gully

Waterfall Gully is natural bushland with a beautiful waterfall (of course!) and many walking tracks which are popular with bushwalkers and fitness enthusiasts.

Weather is the other big factor and can be the bane of a recordist. Between the wind and the rain, as well as rough seas — not tranquil to say the least — it took many attempts, and lots of trips into the countryside at all hours, to capture some truly peaceful nature sounds.

These nature recordings were then taken to my studio at Sing Sing Recording Studios, where I embedded them with ReWake’s Theta Wave Binaural frequencies. These subliminal frequencies encourage relaxation and can assist in meditation practice. The tracks were then mixed and mastered, ready for your listening pleasure and relaxation.

Creating this ReWake sound relaxation series has been a rewarding process for me. Currently, I’m searching for other locations to record more beautiful soundscapes .

For now, please enjoy my sample sound relaxation and if you’d like to hear more, there is a free 10 minute sound relaxation available to download. I hope that listening to it transports you to a beautiful natural landscape which brings you peace and tranquility.