What is Sound Relaxation?

ReWake is sound relaxation. ReWake utilises a brainwave entrainment technology called binaural beats, embedded beneath the beautiful the sounds of nature — rainfall, running streams, birdsong and ocean waves — to encourage relaxation and create states of deep meditation in an easy way.

Research has shown that exposure to particular types of auditory stimuli can have powerful effects on listeners physical, mental, and emotional states.

All you need is a pair of stereo headphones and 20 – 30 minutes each day to listen to soothing nature soundscapes.

Binaural beats are produced using a recording of two tones of similar frequencies. Listening to the two different subliminal tones played simultaneously in each ear induces a neurological response, generating calming states of relaxation.

Our brain interprets this auditory stimuli in a peculiar way. It takes the two distinct audio tones and perceives a non-existent third tone or beat frequency.

When our brain is exposed to these tones it adjusts its own frequencies or brainwave state to follow these tones or beats. This is called brainwave entrainment.

Through the use of stereo headphones, binaural beats can induce different states of consciousness — from relaxation to deep, healing sleep — depending on the programmed frequencies of the audio recording.

ReWake’s Sound Relaxation series will transport you via tranquil Australian nature soundscapes and powerful Theta Wave Binaural frequencies.

The theta brain wave state is normally associated with the early stages of sleep and REM dream states in adults. This range has also been connected with deep meditation and relaxation, as well as states of heightened creativity and personal insight.

ReWake uses sophisticated Theta Wave Binaural frequencies to help induce this kind of relaxation and assist in achieving deep meditative states.