Our Story

Torrens River, Adelaide

Torrens River, Adelaide


We are a mother and son partnership from Australia who have a passion for the natural environment, meditation, music and good communication.

Our goal is to create beautiful soundscapes of the natural environment — birdsong, water, wind, rain and the ocean — that help you relax and meditate easily. Our soundscapes are recorded by Daniel in pristine environments around Australia.

Daniel Murtagh

Daniel is a music producer, recording engineer and audio expert with a big heart and an even bigger laugh. He graduated as a Bachelor of Music Studies and a Certificate in Sound Engineering from the University of Adelaide.

Dan has a passion for music and the transformation of sound into emotional energy. As a music producer, he aims to create music that can bring a music lover to a special place.

Dan takes this same ethos into the realm of sound relaxation, nature recordings and meditation. ReWake’s blissful nature soundtracks and its sound relaxation audio technology is the culmination of his extensive knowledge of audio science and his exploration of altered states of consciousness through meditation.

Snelling Beach, Kangaroo Island

Snelling Beach, Kangaroo Island

Colleen Reagon

Colleen is a writer and traveler with a passion for effective communication, the written word and all things Italian. She is a Bachelor of Communication Studies and a scholar of Italian. Through a search for a solution to sleep deprivation, she became a convert to meditation.

With Rewake she aims to bring you stories and information that will improve your well-being, enhance your relationships and inspire an appreciation for the natural environment.


Colleen loves Italy — the culture, the people and the language. So much, that she thinks she must have been Italian in a past life! Her other passions are cooking, gardening and walking her princess dog Lily.

When she’s not writing for ReWake, you’ll find her at her communication blog How to Communicate or on an Italian Journey as her alter-ego Isabella.