Relax to the sound of the ocean

This ocean recording is part of ReWake’s Sound Relaxation series, a collection of beautiful, immersive nature recordings, designed to relax and calm the mind and body.

This short 9 minute soundtrack is enhanced with Theta Wave Binaural frequencies, an audio technology designed to induce calming relaxation and deep meditative states.

The audio technology takes advantage of a unique neurological process which responds to particular audio frequencies, called binaural beats, which encourages the quieting of the mind.

We recommend that you listen to ReWake soundtracks with stereo headphones to experience the full effects of this audio technology.

Sit back and relax to the soothing sounds of the ocean. This nature soundscape was recorded at beautiful Jervis Bay in New South Wales, Australia. The images in the video accompanying the soundtrack are of the ocean and beaches around Australia.

Ancient sound science


Sound as a therapeutic tool, has been used in many cultures for millennia. From the beautiful singing bowls of Tibet, to the mantric chants of the Vedas, sound has been used to  heal the mind, body and spirit since the dawn of civilisation.

The great pyramid of Giza is an example of the advanced knowledge of the ancients about acoustic properties. Using what’s known as ‘sacred geometry’ and a special kind of architecture that reflects the mathematically perfect ratios found in natural biology, the Egyptians were able to create amazing sound structures within their sacred temples.

In the Kings Chamber within the Great Pyramid, the geometry of the space generates naturally amplified, low-frequency sound waves, which affects human consciousness. This type of rhythmic pulsation matches human brain-wave frequencies found during deep meditative states and has been shown to have profound beneficial effects on human physiology.

Further North, the shamans of Native America used drumming and rhythmic beats to influence their state of being. One of the most powerful aspects of drumming and the reason that cultures have used rhythm for millennia is that it has the amazing capacity to alter people’s states of consciousness.

Through rhythmic repetition of ritual sounds, the body, brain and the nervous system are energised and transformed via a subtle natural phenomenon which scientists describe as ‘entrainment’. Whilst the ancients understood living systems in a different way to current scientific thinking, there was sophistication in their approach.

Through practical application the ancients developed their own form of spiritual sound science. They used specific auditory stimuli to alter their consciousness, with beneficial effects.

Whilst the practical application of sound to create altered states has been around for a long time, scientific research of this phenomenon has recently brought greater understanding of what happens in our brains in response to external sound stimuli. Furthermore, the advancement of quantum physics and the development of sophisticated physiological measuring devices, has stimulated much research into the field of sound as a catalyst for healing.

Sound awakening

ReWake MeditationSound surrounds you. It is inescapable. Through the power of music it has the potential to move millions. Through the power of language it can elevate entire cultures. Sound permeates every aspect of your life, and yet it’s so easy to take it for granted.

But sound is so much more. As a professional music producer I have the pleasure of helping people communicate meaning through music. I feel its intimate connection with our emotions. Simultaneously, as an experimental audio engineer, I have come to realise the incredible power sound has, to heal and affect our state of being.

Our digital culture has fostered the development of a variety of powerful audio technologies that can affect our brainwaves. Research over the past few decades has shown that exposure to particular types of auditory stimuli can have powerful effects on listeners physical, mental, and emotional states. This technology is now used to assist and enhance meditative practice, promote expanded awareness, and generate feelings of deep relaxation.

This type of audio technology is known as brainwave entrainment. Entrainment is a process whereby any two separate vibrating or oscillating systems, when placed in close proximity to another, begin to imitate each other. Take a piano for example. If you strike only one key and listen to the decay, you would hear not only the one note, but a multitude of tones that resonate in harmony. Whilst this may sound ordinary, the implications are profound.

An experiment you can try at home, is to hang a number of pendulums around a room and set them swinging randomly. In time, the pendulums will sync and begin to swing in unison, or at least fall into a similar phase relationship.

As all matter in our universe is made up of vibrations—indeed, your brainwaves are vibrations—entrainment is a very powerful science. Using brainwave entrainment audio can be beneficial for you physically, mentally and emotionally as the Egyptians and Shamans clearly knew.

By meditating regularly using brainwave entrainment, you can achieve positive physiological outcomes including stress relief, improved sleep, enhanced creativity, and deep relaxation. This type of technology can also assist in inner healing and conscious awakening, and allow for mind-expanding states of consciousness to occur.

This synergy of ancient wisdom and modern technology is paving a path for self-healing and awakening. An exciting advance which makes the practice of meditation easy and accessible to all.