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Tranquil Australian nature soundscapes enhanced with relaxing audio technology.

Recorded in superb locations in natural Australian environments, untouched by urbanisation and noise pollution, ReWake’s Sound Relaxation series is a collection of beautiful, immersive nature soundscapes, enhanced with Theta Wave Binaural frequencies, designed to encourage calming relaxation and deep states of meditation.

Theta Wave Binaural frequencies take advantage of a unique neurological process that responds to particular audio frequencies, called binaural beats, which encourages the quieting of the mind. ReWake uses Theta Wave Binaural frequencies to enhance meditation practice and induce tranquil relaxation.

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A free sound relaxation for you to enjoy.

Start transforming your life by listening to the beautiful sounds of nature once a day. By making this a daily ritual you will reduce stress, be calmer, improve your mental performance and physical health. You will gain the benefits of meditation which usually takes years of traditional practice to achieve.

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